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Non exhaustive list of translation tools and related software used

Tools used in my daily translation process Acronym Finder - Find out what over 310,000 acronyms & abbreviations stand for

Translation assisted programs
Trados, Multiterm, Wordfast (and Plus Tools), Translator Studio, SDLX Lite

Firefox 2.0, Internet Explorer 7 with lots of useful translation and and SEO related addons

Internet Dictionaries
I find Babylon particularly useful to look up a word translation quickly, get some context and Wikipedia sources.

Other tools
Microsoft Office XP (Excel, Powerpoint), Windows XP, Dreamweaver 4.0, Frontpage 2000, Fireworks 4.0, Photoshop 6, Outlook 2000.

Quotation tools
Wordcount: Practicount, Webbudget, Freebudget, Align Tools
Website download: Webzip 4.0, HTTrack Website Copier

PGP 7.03, Norton Antivirus 2006, ZoneAlarm Firewall, Spyware Doctor,

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